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As the cooler months are approaching we are here to give you 6 organic fall pieces that you can use multiple times in different ways. As moms there are days where we need to get ready in 30 minutes or less therefore wardrobes that are easy to put together are our lifesavers. On top of that these pieces are made with sustainable practices and organic materials.
In 2012, we co-founded zestt organics, an organic cotton textile brand for home, travel and baby.  As soon as we shared with others that we were launching the brand, we heard a lot of the same feedback... "never do business with a friend."  Everyone from lawyers to family, seemed worried that friendship and business couldn't work.  And yet, over the past six years of challenges, business pivots and successes, one thing still remains unchanged - our friendship. 
Cotton farming can be a solid income producing livelihood for farmers, and it is a vital crop for the entire world.  As the raw material for the cotton textile industry, there is strong demand for the product.  But, cotton farming can also trap farmers in a vicious cycle of pesticide- dependent growing as the crops can sometimes become vulnerable to pests and disease. 
As you prepare to send off your loved ones (new or returning) to college, we'd like to suggest four organic and eco-friendly essentials to make their dorm room a cleaner and greener place.
In our effort to simplify life and our homes, we bring you our next cozy reads pick, Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson. A clinical psychologist, researcher and a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, Hanson has laid out an amazingly clear and practical pathway to happiness. Based in the latest findings of neuroscience, this book shows us that by understanding our brains a little better, we can take care of our lives which will ultimately makes a big difference in our well-being.
As a company, we realize that our commitment to environmental impact and an ethical and transparent supply chain extends beyond just our sourcing and production process.  We are proud to participate in the Carbon Neutral Shipping Program with UPS which helps our packages get to our retail and wholesale customers with the lowest environmental impact.

We always keep functionality in mind when we are designing our seasonal collections and we knew that GOTS certified organic cotton foutas would be a perfect addition for Summer 2018.  

So what is a fouta?  The name is traditionally given to a think cotton or linen towel used in Mediterranean countries, often in public baths in the 19th century. 

You go to throw your favorite sweater or throw blanket in the washer and check out your care tag first.  There on that little swatch of cotton or taffeta is what appears to be ancient hieroglyphics.  Mini irons, squares, circles, triangles, temperatures (in celsius of all things)!!!   Fear not.  We're here to help you understand what those little pictures actually mean and which ones may not be necessary to follow.  
If you take a look at some of our new items this Spring and Summer, you may find a new symbol on the tag.  The Fair Trade Factory™ seal is just another way that we're working to strive for radical transparency and ethics in the production of every zestt product.  We wanted to take some time on the blog to explain what Fair Trade means and why we're so excited  to be partnering with Fair Trade USA this year.
As a brand that develops products that are often used by growing families, we had a few people ask why we would delve into the travel category.  As moms who still have a desire to go and see the world, we strongly believe that today's modern families are both creating homes they love AND finding ways to explore the unknown.  In that spirit, we are sharing some of our favorite family travel essentials.