The Maisonette Pop-In @ Nordstrom is LIVE.  Find zestt organics in the shop!

We've had our fair share of dream partners over the past few years, but we have to admit that Nordstrom and Maisonette have been two of our very favorites.  So when they announced that they were collaborating on a pop-in, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Maisonette brings together luxury kids' brands and independent boutiques at their exclusive online shopping destination.  We've loved being a part of their site since they launched in 2016 and we are swooning over how they brought their power of curation to their pop-in at Nordstrom stores and online.  

You can shop in store at select stores: 

Costa Mesa, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

Bellevue, WA

Seattle, WA

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, WA

But don't worry if you can't access these shops - items are available at until June 23rd (or when they're gone).   Alongside some of our own products, you'll find heirloom worthy goods from some of our other favorite brands like BlaBla, minnow and Olli Ella.  

Jessica Diehl