We've been so happy to transition our own adult wardrobes over to capsule styling these past few seasons.  Creating an easy to mix and match collection of basics has inspired us to shop cleaner, buy less and take care of what we have.

When we created our baby clothes collection, we had the same "capsule wardrobe" in mind; this time, pint sized.   We wanted to offer key pieces that would work together, be easy to style and of course, lots of one pieces, from everyday pieces to our luxury knit rompers.   Creating a capsule wardrobe makes life easier for parents, reduces the amount of clothes you buy and allows you to spend your money on pieces you love!

Tips for a Baby Capsule Wardrobe

  • Pick 3-4 colors for all of your pieces:  We like navy, gray, white and stone for boys this summer and a soft blush, gray, white and berry for girls.  Then try to only purchase clothes and patterns that focus on those colors.  That way, anything you pick from the closet will coordinate - no need to fret because something is in the laundry basket!
  • Learn to Appreciate without Buying: Baby items are just too darn cute, and it's hard not to hit the add to cart button every time you see a onesie with a cute saying or a new pattern that feels on trend.  Remember that it's okay to appreciate it without buying.
  • Focus on Quality: Your little one may only wear something for 2- 6 months, but with a smaller wardrobe, you're going to be washing that item several times during its tenure.  Focus on quality materials that will hold up well to everyday life.  You'll still save over buying tons of clothes that will never get worn or used.
  • Determine what's important to you in your baby's wardrobe: Warmth, comfort, color, ease of dressing?  Find the value or two that makes the most sense for your life and feel good about purchasing things that fit.  
Jessica Diehl