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We are committed to setting and upholding the strictest environmental, social and safety standards for our products and the families that use them.   When we started zestt and began learning more about textile production, we were shocked to learn that many of the “soft” fabrics in our homes were just doused in chemical softeners or made from synthetic fibers that were bad for the environment.   As moms ourselves, we understand the importance of creating a haven for your family that is safe and toxin free. 
With busy toddlers at home, we are always looking for safe, chemical free alternatives to holiday traditions!  That's why we were so excited to find out that we could dye eggs using natural fruit and vegetable dyes.  If your kids are like ours, half of the dye ends up all over them, so we were thrilled to be using something that was completely non-toxic and it was a great way to use up some produce that was nearing the end of its shelf life in the fridge.
We're on a mission this year to instill the zestt organics values of ethics and honesty in our families and homes.  We usually just head to the local big box store to fill our Easter baskets, but decided to take a step back and be more intentional this year.  Below we are sharing some of our top picks for organic, fair trade and ethical treats to fill your kids' Easter baskets!
It seems to be everywhere these days; organic cotton muslin products for baby + kids.  We sat down with our founders Benita and Jess to find out what it is, why the fabric is so popular and what to look for when buying it. 
As a team, we’ve been setting and tracking goals for 2018 and as company founders, we’ve been personally focused on how we can integrate our passion for green and socially responsible living into our day-to-day purchases.   We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Spring purchases that give back and are ethically made.
January means it's road season for our team.  We'll be in Atlanta, New York, Seattle and Dallas over the course of the next few weeks sharing the Spring collection with wholesale customers from around the world.  It's our favorite time of year (and often times the most stressful).  It's always energizing to share months of creative and logistical work with our customers, but it's also a busy few weeks of airplanes, hotel rooms + eating out.  
In a world of fast fashion, seasonal catalogs inform us of the latest trends and looks.  With cheap prices and seemingly month long trends, our closets seem to be on an ever revolving rotation of poorly made, but trendy merchandise. 
As our friends and family continue to grow their families, we are constantly faced with the decision of what to gift for the momentous occasion of welcoming a new baby.   Few life occasions carry such joy and magnitude and we wanted to create a product that spoke to the transcendent nature of a new child joining a family and the bonds that exist between the generations.
We work hand in hand with our manufacturing partners to create heirloom quality textiles that are ethically made to last a lifetime.  Properly caring for your zestt items helps them to maintain their softness and durability and extends the conscious impact of each product.
Welcome to a new series here on the zestt blog - cozy reads!  In our overall effort to simplify life and our homes, we're making an effort to find books that will help us along the way.   This week's pick is Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. 
Collaborating with Magnolia Market on organic cotton textiles for their online and retail stores has become one of our favorite partnerships.  The Magnolia aesthetic perfectly marries character and freshness in a way that always inspires and it's so fun to take that foundation and mix it with their seasonal inspiration to create soft and comfy items for their store. 
Meet Pineapple on Main (POM).  A beautifully curated boutique of home decor and giftware located in the heart of Historic Manayunk, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. This stockist in particular holds a very special place in our hearts.