If you're like us, then you love any opportunity to spread love in February.  Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to let our kids, friends and spouses know how much we care.  But there's no need to sacrifice consumer ethics in the name of love.  We're here to help with our favorite picks for Valentine's goodies that are environmentally friendly, organic or fair trade!  Even better, we found something for everybody, from your kid's classroom bash to your partner in life.  



Nothing is more fun as a kid than the big Valentine's Day party.  Exchanging cards, candy and notes with your friends is always a cause for excitement.  Of course, as a parent, it also means you need to coordinate each year's treat for your child.  

1. Fair Trade Friendship Bracelets from Mercy House Global

So many reasons to love these Valentine's from Mercy House Global.  The bracelets support families in the Phillipines and come with recycled cards with a witty saying.  Fair trade + puns = true love.  


YumEarth Pops & Gummy Fruits, Organic - 9.4 oz

2. YumEarth Organic Pops and Gummy Fruits

The perfect way to share some organic goodness.  There's enough in each box for the entire classroom and each wrapper includes a space to write TO/FROM, so there's no need for additional cards or paper! 



Valentine's Day is about celebrating love and there's nothing better than taking the time to let the women in your life know how much they mean to you.  

3. zestt Organic Cotton Travel Wrap in Champagne

Whether it's for your mama who's always there for you, your Aunt who always keeps you laughing or your best friend who's only a text away, this warm and cozy wrap will make them feel wrapped in love for the 14th.  

4. Valentine's Day Stacking Bracelets in Gold from Mercy House Global

Created by the Have Hope Artisan group, these bracelets are perfect for any jewelry lover and go with everything.  Each time your friend wears them, they'll know your purchase helped women work with dignity! 



They see you through your best and your worst... they at least deserve a nice card and some chocolates!  

5. Grow Old with You Greeting Card from Globe In

Forget a last minute trip to the store for a generic card leftover.  This card from Globe In is made lovingly in the Phillipines by victims of sex trafficking.   It's so beautiful, you won't want to toss it in the garbage.  Frame it as a work of art! 

6. Milk Chocolate Hearts from Divine Chocolates

If you pay attention to the Fair Trade movement, then you know that chocolate manufacturers are under increasing scrutiny to clean up their act.  Some of the largest sweets producers have been tied to child labor and farmer poverty in their supply chain.  Purchasing fair trade chocolate means that 

Jessica Diehl