Building Communities + Supporting Families: Our Fair Trade USA Partnership

If you take a look at some of our new items this Spring and Summer, you may find a new symbol on the tag.  The Fair Trade Factory™ seal is just another way that we're working to strive for radical transparency and ethics in the production of every zestt product.  We wanted to take some time on the blog to explain what Fair Trade means and why we're so excited  to be partnering with Fair Trade USA this year.

What does the Fair Trade Certified Factory™ seal mean?

Like the social component of our GOTS certification, Fair Trade USA works with partner factories to ensure workers are paid fairly for their time and talents and that working conditions are safe and comfortable.  In addition to these third part audits, we pay a 1% fair trade premium on all of our purchases which goes into a worker controlled fund.  

What is the fair trade premium used for?  

Usually the funds are used to pay bonuses, support healthcare initiatives and buy equipment for employee breakrooms and kitchens.  The important thing is that the workers via their committee get to choose how to spend the funds.  

What zestt goods are made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory?

Our Spring 2018 travel wrap collection and our new muslin cotton swaddle collection are made in partnership with a Fair Trade facility.    

How can I find out more about supporting Fair Trade USA?

Fair Trade USA aims to help people do the most good, every day.  To learn more about their mission and factory and brand partners, visit or follow them on social media @fairtradeusa.  


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