Your Organic + Fair Trade Fall Capsule Wardrobe

As the cooler months are approaching we are here to give you 6 organic fall pieces that you can use multiple times in different ways. As moms there are days where we need to get ready in 30 minutes or less therefore wardrobes that are easy to put together are our lifesavers. On top of that these pieces are made with sustainable practices and organic materials.
  1. A classic white t-shirt is a staple for every season, but this one we love because it’s made with GOTS certified organic cotton material. We always reach for white t-shirts, leggings, boots and our travel wrap for optimal comfort when running out and about in town.
      1. White Tshirt -
  1. A classic stripe shirt that always looks good on everyone and this one is made with 100% organic cotton. You can pair this perfectly with jeans, boots and a trench coat for a fast and ready outfit to go.  
      1. Stripe top -
  1. Leggings are a staple in every fall wardrobe. You can wear shirts or dresses over them anytime and in all seasons. We especially adore this one because its crafted from a Fair Trade Factory using GOTS certified organic cotton.
      1.  Leggings -
  1. Jeans never go out of style and we found one that is made with organic cotton and crafted socially conscious of the environment. We love to pair denim jeans with white t-shirt, our travel wrap and tall boots during fall. 
      1. Jeans - 
  1. We love to mix and match summer pieces into our fall outfits. Therefore, this all-around organic cotton dress is fantastic. It’s very flattering for different body types and it’s perfect to wear over leggings and boots.  
      1. Dress -
  1. Who loves to bring throw blankets on the road? We certainly do, that’s why we bring you a super soft, cozy and socially conscious travel wrap. It’s perfect for to put on during busy days where you need to rush out of the door into the cold air. It’s crafted in a Fair Trade Certified factory using GOTS certified organic cotton. 
      1. Wrap -
  1. Trench coats never go out of style and we found one that is made of organic cotton. What we love about this coat is that you can use it in the rain or shine weather. It’s thanks to the water-resistant organic cotton twill shell that makes this the perfect trench coat on the go.
      1. Trench coat -
  1. We love a good multipurpose product and our softest lightweight organic cotton fouta towel can be used as a scarf and a blanket. This piece is perfect for fall weather and busy ladies. The ease of use and versatility of this product can help cater to our needs in an instant. It’s GOTs Certified and made with 100% organic cotton. 
      1. Scarf –
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