Over the past year, we've been actively discussing ways to embody our company's core value of transparency.  As a company with ethics as the backbone of our production process, we wanted to share the stories behind our products and introduce you to the people who inspire us to do better every single day.  

Phase I of our lot number program is rolling out this week.  Select products in our travel, home and baby category have a lot number on the back that you can use to find out more about the certifications, factories and artisans behind your new zestt purchase. 

Simply visit www.zesttorganics.com/transparency and enter your lot no.  You'll be taken to a page where we share your GOTS certification number, talk about any additional certifications your product boasts, as well as introduce you to the factory where you product was made and what they are doing to create a more ethical production environment.  

Our goal is to have this lot no. as part of every zestt organics product by January 2020 and to continue to expand the information we share.    


Jessica Diehl