Powerful women changing the world


It's no secret that we love highlighting other sustainable and eco conscious brands. Today though, I want to highlight 5 women founded sustainable brands you need to know. Click each link below to learn more about these powerhouse women and their mission to make the world a better placed. 


Girlfriend Collective

This sustainable activewear brand CEO Ellie Dinh realized that the trash filling our oceans could be recycled into high quality items. From their super soft leggings to their packaging, Girlfriend Collective ensures every item is 100% recycled and recyclable. 


Inspired by the idea that fashion should represent all women, founder Shobha Philips created this line of inclusive nude lingerie. Made is Los Angeles and created from "earth-conscious" materials, Proclaim is changing the way fashion looks nude. 

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee founder, Debbie Wei Mullin, wanted to bring sustainability and Vietnamese-inspired lattes to the masses. By working directly with farmers in Vietnam she is able to offer high quality, delicious coffee while supporting sustainable practices.


Parker Clay

Parker Clay is an American based company creating beautiful bags without exploitation. Co-Founder Brittany Bentley created the brand alongside her husband Ian with the mission to empower women while creating sustainable and ethically made goods. 


zestt organics

The inspiration for zestt was born on an international flight, so it's no coincidence that travel is at the heart of our brand. From the office to vacation, long time friends Benita and Jess are on a mission to create accessories that make women feel chic, sophisticated and comfortable wherever life takes them.  

Kaley Gasper