co founders Jess and Benita select color swatches for new products


The inspiration for zestt was born on an international flight, so it’s no coincidence that travel is at the heart of our brand. After boarding flights with our organic cotton throws for comfort, we realized that there had to be a better way to stay cozy on the go. We wanted something that was versatile, machine washable and crafted from environmentally friendly organic cotton.  We designed the Dreamsoft Travel Scarf as the solution and our customers raved that they were perfect not just for travel, but for everyday life.  From overseas vacations, to Monday zoom calls, they found themselves reaching for it as their go-to accessory to feel instantly put together.  From there, we’ve added silhouettes, colors and fabrics, but our commitment remains the same - to create accessories that make women feel chic, sophisticated (and comfortable), wherever life takes them. 

Benita & Jess