7 Simple Tips To Travel Like A Pro

Travel like the pros with these savvy tips curated to make your next adventure a breeze. 


Pack Wisely

Create a capsule travel wardrobe with simple, versatile options that can be accented with accessories. Our Dreamsoft Travel Scarf is an ideal piece that can used to spice up an outfit or keep you cozy on the plane. 

Packing cubes are also a great space saver that help to keep everything compact and organized. These have been a go-to option for me when trying to avoid checked bag fees.  
Ask The Locals
Grab a free map when you arrive in a new city and carry it around with a pen. Ask locals, shop owners, bartenders, and hotel staff to mark their favorite destinations. You’ll get a great list of places to check out (many of which may not appear on tourist sites) as well as a fun keepsake from your journey.
Bonus: make your own notes of the places you visit so that you have a ready made list for next time!


Be Prepared
This doesn’t mean you need to pack a separate suite case full of anything you might ever need but rather, be aware of your destination and how available items might be. I have a small cosmetic bag that is either in my purse, laptop bag or carryon filled my go-to items. Those include a small pill container with headache medicine, over the counter cold medicine and antihistamines (good for seasonal allergies as well as allergic reactions to bites and stings) , small hand sanitizer, 2 or 3 tampons, lip balm, antibiotic ointment, blister guards and a few hair ties.  This bag has been a life saver on vacations as well as business trips until I’m able to get back to my hotel or find a pharmacy.
Bonus tip: if you do find yourself ill, ask the front desk staff at your hotel for help finding a local doctor or clinic.
Take An Extra
Pack a foldable duffle in your carryon that can be checked on the return trip. This allows space for purchasing souvenirs but also doubles as a laundry bag to make unpacking and reorganizing at home a breeze.
Group travel
If you are a solo traveler be sure to check out group travel options for your destination. Many of these are budget conscious as well as an extra layer of safety for those traveling alone.
Bonus: in a group you might find yourself more willing to try new things and you'll end the trip with a new set of friends and travel buddies for future adventures.
Stock Up
Following a simple one for now, two for later plan I am able to keep stock of my essentials. Anytime I see a good sale on my everyday items I grab extras for later. This ensures that I have exactly what I need when I am ready to pack without the added stress of last minute trips to the drug store.

Get To Know Your Destination
Food and drink tours have increased in popularity and are a fun way to learn about your destination. These experiences offer the chance to learn local history, cultural influences, local produce, and favorite spots that might be off of the beaten path. Of course, with the added bonus of tasty food or delicious beverages to enjoy while you learn.

Kaley Gasper