3 Ways Your Organic Textile Purchase is Changing the World

hands holding organic cotton sleeper

We all know that organic cotton goods are better for farmers, workers and our families, but did you know that there are a host of our environmental and social impacts?  We did some research and compiled our 3 favorite ways that your organic textile purchase is changing the world! 

1. Soil Health:  Without the use of synthetic fertilizers, farmers must use compost and manure to fertilize their crops.  This increases soil organic carbon, which increases soil health.  It also prevents soil and water contamination. 

2. Supporting Organic Food: Because organic farming often uses crop rotation to replenish the soil, the fields that grow your organic cotton one season, may be home to organic fruits and veggies the next.  This allows the land to be more productive.  Don't forget that cottonseed oil is used in food production, so organic cotton production meeds an increase in organic cottonseed oil!

3. Farmer Profitability: Studies show that organic farming is 22-35% more profitable for farmers than conventional.  Because most cotton farms in India are small, family run operations, this means more money in the hands of the community.  

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