• How (Not) to Make Chalk at Home

    How (Not) to Make Chalk at Home
    We are all trying to find ways to entertain our families at home during our social isolation and what better way than to use items you already have on hand. Over the last week I experimented with homemade chalk using ingredients from my pantry including dyes made from fruit and vegetable scraps.  I found simple "recipes" online using ingredients like flour, baking soda, and...
  • The Social Ethics of Organic Cotton

    The Social Ethics of Organic Cotton
      Producing organic cotton textiles means keeping our homes safe and toxin free as well as caring for the people behind our product. Today I wanted to share some of the ways we remain committed to our Do Better Mission™. 1. Social Responsibility The GOTs standard is about more than just pesticides. It also holds production facilities and brands to the highest social standards....
  • Arbor Day 2020

    Arbor Day 2020
      Did you know that in addition to creating soft and luxurious goods from GOTs certified organic cotton, zestt organics also produces FSC certified gift boxes? But what does this mean?  The Forest Stewardship Council  is "an independent, non-profit organization that protects forests for future generations." By setting the standards for responsible forest management, FSC encourages the protection and maintenance of forests and their communities. ...
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