Time flies when you are having fun!

We can’t believe it’s almost been a full decade since this idea of ours has blossomed into a world changing brand.  Our path to what you see today has been full of twists and turns, but with every reset, our vision has become more clear. Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to bringing you cozy, ethically made textiles that make you feel chic, sophisticated and comfortable, wherever life takes you.

 zestt organics co-founders, Benita + Jess

The inspiration for zestt was born on an international flight.  We were two best friends, running separate (non-related) businesses in our early twenties.  It was on this trip that the idea of building something together was planted, and at about hour 17 of the 18 hour flight home, zestt was born, name and all. To quote Jess “We need to bring ZEST(T) into someone’s life!”  About a month later, zestt llc. was a registered trademark (we added the extra “t” because the soap brand owned everything) and in 2013, we opened our virtual doors. 


Our original curation included everything you would want in a lifestyle brand, from dishware to art to bedding, but the main stars of the show were three organic cotton throw blankets.  Customers loved the way they felt and wanted to learn more about what made them organic.  This feedback was the catapult that led us into the world of organic cotton textiles, GOTS certification, and the importance of sustainable, ethical manufacturing.  

In 2016 we received our GOTS certification and officially rebranded as “zestt organics”, with a focus on creating only ethically made organic cotton goods. Over the following years we continued to innovate, taking customer feedback and our own personal life experiences to design products that were centered around comfort.  During this time we did a lot of travel, attending domestic trade shows and flying internationally for sourcing trips.  At some point along the way, we were on board a flight with one of our throw blankets and it hit us, “We love having these blankets with us in flight but they are bulky and inconvenient for travel.  We need a version of our throw that is just as warm and cozy, but can be worn, packed and transported with ease.” The result was our first Travel Wrap, a wearable blanket with pockets, followed shortly by our Travel Poncho, a slightly lighter weight wearable blanket with shoulder snaps that featured a cascading silhouette for a more fashion forward look. From there came the Travel Set, featuring a cozy throw and eye mask in a convenient carry pouch.

Shop The Dreamsoft Travel Scarf

As we watched the interest begin to gravitate toward our travel collection, it became obvious that we were not alone in wanting to bring the comfort of home on all of our adventures.  In 2019, we introduced our now infamous Dreamsoft Travel Scarf, as the ultimate travel accessory designed to be worn multiple ways and transcend all seasons. From the plane, to dinner, to sightseeing and remote working, this scarf has kept over 50,000 people comfortable and chic.  Women found that they were not only the perfect accessory for travel, but also made an ideal capsule wardrobe staple.  As the reviews continue to pour in, we read through each one for future design inspiration, fabrication improvements and use case scenarios that can help us continue to innovate and grow. 

Dreamsoft Travel Scarf - Spring Collection

Looking into year nine, we see exciting growth ahead, filled with new color palettes, refined silhouettes and limited edition offerings! As our brand awareness continues to spread, we are so excited to bring ethically made, luxurious comfort into the lives of our customers while keeping them chic and sophisticated along the way.