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zestt Celebrates 8 Years!

It's our Birthday! 

This March zestt organics turns 8!  For anyone who has followed our journey from the beginning, you know that the zestt you see today is a little different from the brand and collection you saw years ago.  To commemorate this very special month we wanted to look back to where we started and see how far we've come. 


In 2013, Benita and I set out to launch a family friendly lifestyle brand, one that would bring a little "zestt" into your life.  We started with color stories to give those who were new to interior design a place to start when it came to accessorizing their homes.


From pillows and throws to dishware and accents for entertaining, zestt was your go to brand for artisan and handcrafted pieces. 
During that first year, we worked tirelessly to curate this lifestyle brand and get it in front of our audience. There were pop up shops for the holidays, which involved weeks away from our families and countless hours on the road, and even a store front in Manayunck, Pennsylvania. 

In 2014 we discovered the world of wholesale. This was an opportunity to expand our brand even further and reach a much wider audience. We would now be selling our beautiful pieces to gift shops and boutiques across the US and Canada. This move forever changed the face of zestt.

One of the first wholesale show set ups

From New York City to Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas, we brought our brand to life through wholesale markets and on the road with our reps.  As new stockists invested in our brand, they were excited to learn more about the artisans and stories behind each piece. 

The most popular items by far were our collection of organic cotton throws, bedding and kitchen linens.  The store owners wanted to know more about what made them organic and why it mattered.  As crazy as it is to admit today, back then we didn't honestly know the answer ourselves.  In 2013, organic was a buzz word we heard a lot in the food industry so when we saw it pop up in textiles, we were drawn to it.  Once we began to learn more, we were shocked at what we found. We discovered that toxic chemicals, pesticides, and horrible working conditions were at the core of traditional cotton textiles. Alternatively, organic cotton production offered a more sustainable, ethical solution to an industry that was in much need of change. It was at this point that we knew we had the opportunity to do better with our brand and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

In 2017 we committed to producing only items made from 100% organic cotton. In order to ensure the upmost transparency through our entire supply chain, we then pursued a certification from the Global Organic Textiles Standard, GOTS. We rebranded and reintroduced zestt as zestt organics - a brand focused on comfy, cozy organic cotton goods for home, travel and baby.We spent the following two years testing out new textiles and listening to customer feedback as we further developed the line. 

After running our own warehouse for years, it was time for a change and we moved our operations to a third party fulfillment center in 2019. This allowed our team to work from home and set us up to navigate all of the changes and challenges that would come in 2020. 


Now in 2021, we have come through major brand and lifestyle changes along with a global pandemic and are proud to be your go to GOTS certified organic cotton supplier. 

March is special to us for so many reasons. Not only do we honor the launch of zestt but it also happens to be our own birthday month! Please enjoy these throw back photos as we celebrate eight years of building a brand alongside twenty + years of best friendship! 


Sending a big Thank You to each and every one of you who have supported our organic mission along the way!  We are so excited to see what this next year will bring. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @zesttorganics for more birthday celebrations!
- Jess + Benita, co-founders