As we continue to grow the zestt brand, we are so proud to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs nationwide who are committed to bringing organic and sustainably crafted goods to market. Each new stockist is an opportunity for us to help support the people behind our products, from seed to store. We are so grateful to our retailers and excited to watch their businesses grow alongside our journey in this industry. Their stories are ones of hard work, commitment and a passion for their mission. We are excited to introduce you to them and hope that you will find inspiration in their stories. 
Stockist: Green Roost
Location: 141 East Davis Street Culpepper, Virginia
Meet Green Roost! Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Culpepper, this unique gift shop specializes in "kind-to-the-earth" gifts. After falling in love with our Blanket Wrap, Green Roost became a loyal supporter of zestt and has been with us through our years of growth and change. After 2 years of emails and phone calls we were finally able to meet Kelsey at the Atlanta Market and it felt like greeting an old friend. Her incredible eye for style is matched only by her commitment to giving back. We are honored to be a part of her mission and a continued part of her journey. 
Meet The Founder

Green Roost is owned and operated by Kelsey Settle, a 20-year retail veteran. Kelsey has worked the retail gamut, from sales to big box to small boutiques. She found her home in Culpeper in 2009 and grew Green Roost from a 200 square foot office space to its current home of a 2200 square feet brick and mortar shop and a full online boutique. When she’s not at the shop, she is the wife of a life-long police officer and mother to a spunky 18-month old little boy.

The story behind the brand

When the shop was started by Kelsey’s Aunt in 2009, it solely focused on earth-friendly gifts. Once Kelsey became the owner, the mission shifted a bit and focused more on finding brands that were not just focused on earth-friendly, but that were also socially responsible and had missions to give back. The all-encompassing value of “gifts with a purpose” became our vision and is still our goal today. 

What makes Green Roost special or different?

We believe in finding goods with a purpose. The purposes range from giving back, social responsibility, supporting other small businesses and environmentally consciousness. We love to tell the stories of the items we sell, so we are careful to make sure the brands we work with represent our same values.


What is the new spring introduction you are most looking forward to?

The lightweight travel wraps. It is the perfect weight for all seasons and the right size for functionality.


If you are in the Culpepper are be sure to stop by Green Roost to find your perfect gift with a purpose. If you are not local, head over to their Instagram @greenroost to see all that Kelsey and the Green Roost team have to offer!

Kaley Gasper