Why We Love Cashmere


Functional, buttery soft and unbelievably warm, cashmere has been the fabric of luxury since the 13th century. When we decided to expand our fabric collection, we knew we wanted a natural fiber that maintained the same standards we set for our cotton products. When the samples for our CloudSpun™ Recycled Cashmere arrived, we knew we had happened upon a winner. We are so excited to welcome the CloudSpun™ Recycled Cashmere collection to the zestt family. Here are the top 4 reasons we love cashmere and why investing in these wardrobe staples is worth every penny.

Cashmere is a Natural Fiber

Made from the long hair of goats, this super soft fiber is combed from the animals before being cleaned, refined and spun into yarn. 

Cashmere is naturally resistant to wrinkling

As a naturally occurring fiber, Cashmere is resistant to wrinkling. This means we continue to keep harsh chemicals out of the manufacturing process while providing a beautiful piece that transitions easily from a day of travel to a night on the town. 

Cashmere is lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion

The warmth to weight ratio is unmatched. The CloudSpun™ Recycled Cashmere travel scarf was designed to be the ideal size and weight for wearing through the airport and tossing through your tote bag, while still being more than seven times warmer than merino wool. 

Cashmere is an investment piece that can last for decades

We know that as a mission centered brand, part of the true sustainability is designing and manufacturing products that can be used for a lifetime. With proper care, your cashmere travel scarf can see you through years of adventure. 

Kaley Gasper