The holiday gifting season leaves an unmistakable yet often overlooked impact on the environment and the world around us. From single use packaging to the surge in fuel used for shipping and deliveries, our carbon footprint increases significantly between Thanksgiving and New Years. This week I am sharing why it is important to work towards a sustainable holiday season and small changes you can make today. 

1. Shop Local

Even though Small Business Saturday has passed, it is still important to support your local shops this holiday season. By patronizing these artisans and boutiques you are boosting your local economy, providing a personal and unique gift experience for those on your list, and avoiding the stressful shipping delays that often come with online shopping. 

Check out our recent blog on shopping local for more ways to support small businesses. 

2. Choose Purpose Driven Brands

Did you know that you can make a difference in the world by shopping with a brand that aligns with your personal beliefs and supports social good? Many brands give back to their communities, support sustainability efforts overseas, or support marginalized communities with employment and give back programs. Look for environmentally conscious certifications like GOTS, Fair Trade, Certified B Corp and FSC Certified for companies that are doing their part to reduce their footprint and do good. 

You can learn more about GOTS and our partnerships here

3. Reduce and Reuse

Once all of the gifts are open, do you pull out the big trash bags to clean up the mess? Rather than wasteful paper wrapping, give two gifts in one by choosing a reusable wrapping this year like a scarf or tea towel. If you are shopping online this year, seek out brands that ship in recyclable boxes or utilize packaging made from recycled materials. With a few small changes you can greatly reduce your carbon foot print this holiday season. 

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Kaley Gasper