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Stockist Highlight: Meet Pineapple on Main

As we continue to grow the zestt brand, we are so proud to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs nationwide who are committed to bringing organic and sustainably crafted goods to market.  Each new stockist is an opportunity for us to help support the people behind our products, from seed to store.
We are so grateful to our retailers and excited to watch their businesses grow alongside our journey in this industry.  Their stories are ones of hard work, commitment and a passion for their mission. We are excited to introduce you to them and hope that you will find inspiration in their stories.
STOCKIST:Pineapple on Main
LOCATION:  4347 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127
 pineapple on main
Meet Pineapple on Main (POM).  A beautifully curated boutique of home decor and giftware located in the heart of Historic Manayunk, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. This stockist in particular holds a very special place in our hearts.  In the fall of 2014, zestt occupied their then vacant location to host the first of several POP UP shops which helped to bring our brand to market.  When we decided to focus on wholesale, we were sad to leave the community of Manayunk.  Fast Forward to 2015. We were contacted by the POM founders, Kathy and Taryn with a request to carry zestt in their newly launched retail store.  We couldn't be more excited and thrilled to be back in this thriving community. Their eye for design is matched with their knack for inspirational merchandising and we are honored to still be a staple in their growing curation!  
Founder Introduction:  
POM: "We established our interior design business, Harris & Tweed Interiors, in September of 2013.  Our client base quickly grew, as did the demand to expand our services and our demographic, so we jumped on the opportunity to collaborate in a shared studio space in 2015.  That space, right in the heart of Historic Manayunk, has since evolved into a curated boutique of home décor and giftware, Pineapple on Main."
 pineapple on main
Share a little about the story behind your brand: 
POM: "When we were in the big-box retail industry, Taryn and I realized that visual merchandising was our strongest shared focus.  We found that very small changes to a color story or floor plan made a huge impact on our customers’ visual attraction to and emotional connection with our products.  Bringing that perspective over to our design business, we found that those smaller changes in a home had the same positive effect on the way our clients bonded with their environments.  Having our clients feel welcomed and comfortable in their own homes is our primary focus when creating a design plan, which is why we incorporate a decorative pineapple into every design.  Which, by the way, is how we came up with the name of our brick-and-mortar, Pineapple on Main!  The merchandise we bring in caters to that design vibe and is staged in our retail home that reflects the same amount of warmth and hospitality we strive to convey in our clients’ homes."
What makes POM special and/or different? 
POM: "As a signature destination for home essentials, POM offers a wide variety of home furnishings and accents, children’s room décor and giftware.  Our business highlight, however, is our dedication to sourcing, supporting and showcasing products from local artists.  Being so close to the robust and influential art community of Philadelphia, we are honored to collaborate with such talented artists and share their personal stories with our customers."
Why do you choose to purchase organic products for your store?  
POM: "We make decisions to improve our community on a daily basis, which includes finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Purchasing organic products for our store is a conscious choice that will have a dramatic impact on our world and boast substantial benefitslong-term, thanks to you beautiful ladies!!  It feels great that we are able to help preserve the environment by cutting down on chemical use, water pollution and unhealthy environmental factors that the workers who grow and process cotton are subjected to."
Name one zestt favorite that you would use in your own home 
POM: Kathy’s pick  The Luau Cheese Service Set, without a doubt.  It’s the perfect entertaining accessory and serving tool to accompany a cheese platter, and it looks gorgeous sitting on its own, on display!
POM: Taryn’s pick  Organic Cotton Throw Blankets!  Beyond the fact that the designs are beautiful and easily match other patterns, I love the weight and size.  They fold up and are easily stacked, so they don’t take up much storage space.