Why Organic Matters

When we launched zestt in 2013, we didn't set out to change the world with organic products.  But as we started to educate ourselves on how home textiles were made, we realized that we had to fully commit to organic cotton production - for our customers, for our company and for our farmers.  
We had always assumed that the cotton items in our home were the best and most natural choice, but soon learned that its one of the most chemically sprayed crops worldwide.  An cotton t-shirt made with traditional cotton uses gallons of pesticides just to be grown. GALLONS!  For one single shirt. 
We knew at that moment that we had to be a leader in the use of organic cotton in the production of home textiles.  In late 2014, we made the decision that all zestt cotton products would be made with 100% organically grown and certified cotton.  Organic cotton is just as beautiful and functional as traditional cotton, but doesn't utilize the chemicals and pesticides in the growing process that affect farmers, wildlife and consumers.  
In 2016, we launched our certification and compliance process with GOTS standards - the most stringent marker for organic cotton products.   We hope to complete our certification later this year and continue to expand our promise to be a market leader in organic cotton textile production.  


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