Social Comforting

Organic Cotton Comfy Knit Throw



In this time of social distancing and quarantine we could all use a little comfort. Not only have we ourselves felt the impact but we all know someone who is struggling and could use a little extra comfort during this uncertain time. So rather than thinking about all of the ways I can distance myself from the world outside, I decided to consider all of the ways I can bring comfort to my loved ones and those on the front lines of the epidemic. 


1. Send a gift card

Support your local businesses by purchasing (online) and sending a gift card to a friend, family member or an essential worker to show your appreciation. Even a $5 gift card for a cup of coffee goes a long way to show someone you care. 

2. Continue to celebrate the milestones

Is there an expecting mom in your life that is unable to have their baby shower? With countless giftable items zestt has you covered. Create a unique gift by including a Classic Knit Romper, Lovey, and Newborn Dream Bundle. Add on a beautiful zestt gift box for a one of a kind gift sure to delight. 


baby shower gift


3. Do something kind for a neighbor

If you already need to run to the grocery store, offer to pick up a neighbor's groceries and deliver them to their front porch. 

Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor who is feeling isolated and missing their family. Send a gift basket of goodies or an organic cotton throw blanket to brighten their day. 

4. Send a note

This a great activity for kids too. Have them write one letter a day to someone who is alone. Think of neighbors, grandparents, local nursing homes and even your local grocery store or hospital staff. 

5. Be kind to yourself

After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Take 10 to 20 minutes a day to do something for your self. Meditate, do a quick work out or go for a walk, read a book, or simply sit in the sunshine. 


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