Our Top 5 Tips to Survive the WFH Grind


Almost a year and half ago, our company took the leap to go virtual with our design and operations team and we haven't looked back.  We work from home everyday in a home office environment and stay connected through online tools and video chats.  While we've definitely found our groove after almost 16 months, we asked our team to contribute their favorite tips for thriving in a work from home environment. 

1. Don't underestimate the power of sunlight and fresh air

Springtime has arrived for most of the country and sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass is needed now more than ever.  Make sure that you find a home office space with good lighting and a window you can open.    

2. Keep Something Warm & Cozy by Your Desk

When we were in the midst of designing our travel and lounge wraps, everyone had one by their desk and the tradition just stuck.  We love having something comfy on the back of our chair that we can throw on.  The bonus right now is that it will cover that 3 day old t-shirt and make you look sophisticated and put together on that 27th zoom call of the day (even if you're wearing yoga pants).  

3.  Stay Connected with Colleagues through Chat & Video

Most of our staff agrees that the hardest part of working from home is missing the usual interaction of an office environment.  We may all be lacking water cooler chatter, but we've never had more tools at our disposal to stay connected.   We use google chat and hangouts to keep regularly scheduled meetings and sometimes just to laugh and share a quick story.  We also do a tradition of highs and lows on Friday just to recap our weeks and stay connected on struggles and successes.  

4. Add a Plant

A small piece of greenery goes a long way to liven up a home office space.  We're all about succulents, because working moms need low maintenance.  

5. Don't be Afraid to Switch It Up

We know the usual work from home experts are all about a defined space, but sometimes a change is just what you need!  Does your breakfast nook get the best morning light?  Do your morning emails with coffee at that table.  Take your laptop out to your patio for some after lunch sunshine.  

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