Q&A: Understanding Organic Cotton Muslin

It seems to be everywhere these days; organic cotton muslin products for baby + kids.  We sat down with our founders Benita and Jess to find out what it is, why the fabric is so popular and what to look for when buying it. 

Q:  What is cotton muslin?
Cotton muslin refers to a specific type of fabric that is finely woven in order to be soft, durable and breathable.  We sampled a variety of muslin weaves to find one that would wash well, stay soft on baby's skin and remain breathable through daily tasks. 

Q: Why is cotton muslin such a popular fabric for babies + kids?
Because cotton muslin is breathable, it's an ideal material for ensuring comfort without overheating.  Its durability also means it stays soft wash after wash! 

Q:  What should I look for when shopping for cotton muslin? 
Because muslin items are usually intended for babies + kids, opt for an organic option.  A product with the GOTS seal will ensure that the item was produced without chemicals or pesticides (remember that skin is an organ that absorbs the chemicals in our clothes and textiles)! 
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