Founders’ Picks: Spring Green Living

As a team, we’ve been setting and tracking goals for 2018 and as company founders, we’ve been personally focused on how we can integrate our passion for green and socially responsible living into our day-to-day purchases.   We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Spring purchases that give back and are ethically made.

I made the switch to a natural deodorant this past year and I’ve experimented with a ton of different brands and fragrances. PiperWai’s stick applicator has become my number one favorite with Sky Organics in Lavendar Vanilla coming in at a close second.

On the beauty front, I'm digging this mascara from Beauty Counter.  It doesn't clump, uses organic oils and we love the brand's overall commitment to ethics and natural ingredients.  


My biggest focus this year is on clothes. Now that I understand the resources needed to produce textiles, I’m working hard to instill the buy less, choose well in my wardrobe purchases.   For my three year old, I’ve fallen in love with the Colored Organics brand. They are focused on so many of the same principles as our company and the pieces are well made with adorable features. My favorite Spring pick for him was this Henley t shirt (I love the contrast stitching and the printed pocket)!

Burt’s Bees Baby has also expanded into kids clothing.   I picked up several neutral t-shirts and shorts to easily work for preschool and play dates! I also couldn’t resist these succulent and bees pajamas made from organic cotton!

For myself, I am loving the combined social mission and production standards of Krochet Kids. I snagged the Elena Dress in Nutmeg for only $25 and it's great because it can shift from cool Spring weather to warm summer days! It was so exciting to see that the maker of the piece had signed a patch inside of the dress and I’m always happy when pieces are made of organic cotton.

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