Why Is Cashmere Expensive?

With the launch of our new Dreamsoft Travel Scarf in CloudSpun™ Recycled Cashmere we want to bring light to how this luxury fabric is made. 

Unlike wool, cashmere is harvested from the cashmere goats across the Himalayas. These goats are hand brushed for their silky soft and incredibly warm undercoat. This fine fiber can only be harvested once a year and each goat produces very little cashmere. Even once it is harvested, the usable weight of the fibers collected is halved once dirt, grease, and thicker hairs are removed. 

In order to reduce waste as much as possible, zestt uses pre-consumer recycled cashmere. While maintaining the Global Recycled Standard, we are able to re-purpose material that would otherwise be disposed of and maintain our commitment to sustainability.

The manual labor and limited supply means that this fiber comes at a premium cost. We strive to price our products as fairly as possible, while also ensuring fair wages throughout our supply chain. As a mission centered brand, part of the true sustainability is designing and manufacturing products that can be used for a lifetime. With proper care, your cashmere travel scarf can see you through years of adventure. 


Kaley Gasper