Not only are we Doing Things Differently with sales and holiday shopping, but our team is changing the way we celebrate the holidays this year. Here is what our team had to say along with our go-to gifts for this holiday season:

We’re moving to a new home right before the holidays this year, so I’m already planning to keep our holiday decor a bit more subdued this year and to focus on the feeling of warmth and family instead. 

My go-to gift this year is the Cozy Knit Pocket Scarf.  I know my three sisters and best friends will love wrapping up with a comfy, ethically made scarf and everything is better with pockets!


This holiday season we will be hitting the road. After missing so many loved ones last year, we are looking forward to traveling north to be with extended family. The kids are also hoping to see snow (a fun change from our Floridian holiday celebrations)! Even more than seasons past, I will be cherishing these moments we get to be together. 

The Kid's Travel Blanket is my favorite gift this year. My daughter loves these blankets so much (and helped me in the design process for them). They are the perfect travel companion for the little ones on your list!

After spending last holiday season in isolation, this year will look different as I travel to see family and friends. Venues have re-opened so I will also be reviving traditions of holiday concerts and the Nutcracker Ballet. I am usually a last minute holiday gift shopper but this year I aim to do things differently by checking off my list early.

 My gift of choice this year? The Dreamsoft Travel Scarf. This super cozy, versatile scarf is the perfect gift for everyone on my list from my stylish brother to match his peacoat, to my step grandmother who is chilly in every room she enters.



This year, I am doing things differently this holiday season by thinking out of the box for new ways to celebrate the special season. My family & friends are still quite spread out around the world, so I'm thinking in advance of ways to show them we love them and share the Holiday spirit!

My go-to gift for this year is the Dreamsoft Travel Poncho. Having one myself, I absolutely love the hands-free, sophisticated look while traveling, and they will definitely be a part of the gifts for my fellow jet-setters!

Kaley Gasper