zestt organics


zestt is proud to be a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified company, demonstrating that our products carrying this seal are guaranteed from seed to store to be free of pesticides, harmful chemicals and harsh dyes.  One of the most stringent markers of organic cotton goods, it also ensures that the production process of our textiles is ethical and fair.  Learn more about our products.
SEEDS  Organic cotton products start with non GMO seeds which are more affordable for farmers.


FARMING No pesticides or toxic chemicals are utilized in the farming of certified organic cotton which is better for farmers + end consumers.


MANUFACTURING  GOTS certified factories must show that their textile production meets strict environmental and social standards. Testing is also completed to ensure dyes and packaging are safe and toxin free.


HOME Buying a certified product from your favorite store means you’ve made a healthier choice for your home + for those who crafted your new purchase.