Making a Bigger Impact: Zestt Organics Switches to Compostable Mailers

If you've recently received an order from Zestt Organics, you may have noticed something different about the packaging. We are so excited to announce that we are now mailing the majority of our products in compostable mailers!

These mailers are plant-based and fully biodegradable. Just toss them into your compost bin or compost heap and rest easy knowing your purchase did not contribute to the world's plastics problem. 

We've all seen it. Plastic packaging lying on the side of the road, floating along in the breeze, stuck in a tree, or washed up on a shoreline. At Zestt Organics we stand with the millions of people all over the world who are saying "Enough!" to plastic waste and who are demanding better alternatives. We're happy to see those alternatives becoming mainstream.

Compostable Mailers Support The Zestt Organics Mission


As a business that is dedicated to the ethical and sustainable production of home textiles, we wanted to carry that philosophy through to our packaging. It just didn't sit right with us to mail out products that had been so consciously produced and carefully curated in plastic packaging.

After much searching, we found noissue; a packaging products company that is as dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices as we are ourselves. Our noissue compostable mailers are created from a combination of corn-based biopolymers that leave no harmful residues behind and are certified for both home and commercial composting. Packaging will breakdown in home compost in about 6 months or within 3 months in commercial compost. Using our compostable mailers in your compost will support healthy carbon-nitrogen ratios which is essential for creating nutrient-rich and clean, "fresh dirt" smelling compost. 

Plastic Performance Without the Drawbacks

We wouldn't be shipping our organic cotton products in packaging that we didn't 100% trust to protect your purchase. noissue's compostable mailers have been tested by independent agencies and found to perform at least as well as, if not better than, plastic mailers in regards to durability and water-resistance. That means your purchase won't arrive wet or damaged due to package failure.

We view the compostable mailers as a win-win situation for all of us. We're reducing plastic waste, saving landfill space, supporting innovative eco-friendly businesses and products, and helping you enrich your own soil naturally. 

Get Started Composting At Home

Not a home composter? Getting started is easier than you think! Check out these tips from the EPA on composting safely at home. You can also check with your local waste hauler, city, or county offices to see if there are commercial compost drop-off sites near your home.

Shop now and use our new packaging to help build your compost base!
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