The Social Ethics of Organic Cotton


Producing organic cotton textiles means keeping our homes safe and toxin free as well as caring for the people behind our product. Today I wanted to share some of the ways we remain committed to our Do Better Mission™.

1. Social Responsibility
The GOTs standard is about more than just pesticides. It also holds production facilities and brands to the highest social standards.

2. Wages and Hours
Artisans and workers must be paid a living wage for their region and facilities must adhere to International Labour Organization rules for working hours, including mandatory breaks and weekly rest for time for family and friends.

3. No Child Labor...Ever
Inspections are required to ensure no underage workers are employed - keeping kids outside of production facilities and in school and with their families.

4. Employee Rights
Employment must be freely chosen and workers must have rights to association and collective bargaining.

5. Our own feet on the ground
In additional to 3rd party inspections - we spend time at our productions facilities with our own families to ensure they meet GOTs and internal standards.


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