Sustainable Cozy Essentials


I may be dreaming of sunshine, sandals and my favorite iced coffee but the winter weather is not done yet. As the snow blows outside my window I am reminded of my favorite sustainable essentials to stay warm and cozy.



1. Dreamsoft Comfort

It is no surprise that our number one way to stay warm and cozy is with our signature Dreamsoft Travel Scarf. Made with 100% Organic Cotton, and with endless ways to wear, this scarf is a true work horse when the temperatures drop. 


2. Lip Balm

Not only does my skin hate the dry, cold weather but so do my lips. Finding a lip balm that is sustainably made, plastic packaging free, and hydrates has been a challenge. My favorites include coconut oil as an ingredient so on my most chapped days I have turned to coconut oil straight from the jar for maximum hydration. 


3. Layer Up

It seems obvious to layer up when going on a planned trip to the mountains or snow tubbing with the kids but don't forget the layers around town or at home! Keep a Blanket Wrap on the back of your desk chair for chilly office days. or add a Poncho to any outfit to keep your hands free and stay warm while at home.


4. Drink Up

I love the art of brewing a fresh cup of loose leaf tea no matter the temperature outside. There is something so peaceful in the process and with fair trade options available in grocery stores and online, it has never been easier to experiment with flavors. Grab your favorite mug, steep your leaves, and curl up with a good book under your favorite blanket. 


5. Throw Blanket

There is nothing better after a long day than curling up on the couch with my favorite cozy blanket. Keep one stylishly tossed on the back of the couch or several rolled up in a basket for friends and family. In additional to keeping warm, you can reduce your energy costs by turning down the heat in favor of your favorite Organic Cotton Comfy Knit Throw!

Kaley Gasper