Summer Kid Friendly Activities

Summertime is upon us and that means kids at home looking for things to do! I've pulled together some of my favorite ways to keep kids entertained with the added bonus that they utilize materials you already have at home or can find in nature. 
Make a birdfeeder

This classic activity encourages a love of nature. Search your yard or go on a hike to pick up pinecones. Coat those in a layer of peanut butter and then roll in bird seed. Finally, attach a string to the top, hang outside, and watch all of the different varieties of birds come to your homemade birdfeeder! How many different birds can you spot?

Photo by Preschool Inspirations 

Make a boat out of recycled items

Do you have milk cartons or soda bottles in your recycling? Let your kids pick their vessel, give it a good wash and then cut it in half. Add an old chopstick for the mast and paper for the sail. Find a small creek or pond to launch your boat and see what materials float the best!

Check out Craftulate for ideas of different types of boats you can make from recycled items. 

Make a car out of a box

I don't know about you, but I have a garage full of boxes from my many deliveries. Did you know that these can be turned into a car for your little one? Add toilet paper or paper towel rolls for the headlights, a paper plate steering wheel, and let your kiddos decorate with racing stripes or fun patterns! This is a great activity for a group before a movie night. Drive In anyone?

Photo by

Make Leaf People

 Another great adventure activity! Take a hike or walk in the park and collect as many different shaped leaves as you can. Combine these in fun ways to make leaf people! Bonus: write a story about your new leaf friend!

Photo by Fun Family Crafts

Paint rocks

This activity gained popularity over the last year as we were confined to our homes but seeking contact with our neighbors. The idea is to paint rocks and leave them around the neighborhood or your local park for others to find. The perfect way to brighten someone's day!

Photo by Projects With Kids

Backyard Camping

This activity has become a favorite among our own families and is sure to be a hit with yours as well. Create a classic camping experience in your own backyard with a tent, sleeping bags, and s'mores! 

Magazine or junk mail beads

Another classic from my own childhood. Cut strips out of magazines or junk mail, roll around a toothpick and secure with a dot of glue. Then thread your beads onto string to make one of a kind pieces! Experiment with the size and shape you cut from the magazine to find your perfect bead size and shape!

Photo by Red Kite Days

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