As a GOTs certified supplier of organic cotton goods, we are proud to use cotton only grown with non GMO seeds.  

Much of our world's cotton supply is grown by small family farms.  When large corporations sell them their genetically modified cotton seeds, they also require these same farmers to buy their expensive chemicals and pesticides for treating the crop.  Due to high costs, these family farmers often take out high interest loans to support their purchase, leaving them in debt if their yield is lower than average.  

By contrast, non GMO cotton seeds are less expensive for farmers and their families.  Because GOTs certified cotton is naturally grown, these same workers aren't exposed to dangerous chemicals and pesticides aren't stored within their homes.  

What we love about supporting organic cotton farming is that it supports each person throughout the supply chain. Farmers can more safely grow their crop, knitters and weavers work in fair wage conditions free from harmful dyes and you as the end consumer can purchase a product that is safer for you and your family.  

Jessica Diehl