How To Have A Sustainable And Eco Friendly Holiday


From the decorations to the gifts you give, we've put together a guide for a sustainable and eco friendly holiday season.



Upcycled Sweater Stockings

Pull out those unworn sweaters and upcycle them into your new stockings. You can reuse these for years to come. 


Nature Made

Go on a nature walk to find pine branches and pinecones that can easily be turned into a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday dinner table or mantle. You can also add cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices for décor that smells good and is compostable. 


Invest In Timeless Pieces

It can be tempting to decorate with the latest trend but consider choosing timeless pieces instead. Rather than going out of style and being donated or thrown out in a year, classic ornaments and decorations can be used over and over. 


The Tree

 Choose Alternative

A real Christmas Tree is a great alternative to a plastic tree but still takes a lot of resources to grow only to be thrown out once the holiday is over. Consider alternatives this year like renting your tree or using a potted tree that can be planted once it becomes too large for your home. 


Farm Made Wreaths

If you visit a tree farm this year as the crew if they sell wreaths. They often make these out of misshapen or underdeveloped trees. Not only do you gain a beautiful alternative to a plastic wreath but you save these pieces from the landfill and can compost them after the holiday season is done. 




When Wrapping your gifts this year opt for wrapping that can be reused. Gift bags are a great option along with upcycled wrapping paper. Save your paper this year to be used next year, utilize paper grocery bags for a rustic look, or choose a gorgeous scarf for a sustainable option. 




Just like your décor, your wardrobe should be filled with timeless pieces. Invest in basics that can be worn for a variety of events and seasons. Our Organic Cotton Dreamsoft Scarf is the perfect cool weather addition to any holiday outfit. 


Thrift or Borrow

If you do need to add to your wardrobe this season, consider visiting your local thrift store or hosting a swap with your friends. 


Kaley Gasper