The Dreamsoft Travel Scarf Goes to the Wharf, DC

We caught up with co-founders Jess & Benita to learn more about their recent trip to The Wharf, in Washington, DC.
The Wharf, DC


Why the The Wharf, DC? 

This trip was actually planned around our latest brand video shoot,   A Day in the Life of the Dreamsoft Travel Scarf.   We choose the Wharf in DC for several reasons:  

(1)  We wanted an urban destination that we knew our customers would know and love. 

(2)  We needed a location that could highlight different travel activities to showcase our scarf.  The Wharf has several amazing dockside hotels along with countless restaurants and shops to explore. We also loved that it’s only a short walk from national monuments though we didn’t get to make it there on this trip.  

(3)  It’s the home of our very first brand photographer, Laura Metzler Photography. We knew that their team was the crew we needed for the job. Even on the rainiest summer day, they along with our fabulous model Lindsey Weller were able to capture the essence of our scarf perfectly.

The Wharf, DC

Most Delicious meal or snack? 

Luckily Jess and I were able to fly in a day early to scout the area, which also meant trying out a few restaurants along the way.  Favorite Meal:   Hank’s Oyster Bar on the Wharf.  Jess loved the Oysters and I had the most delicious Chimichurri Steak Tacos.  Favorite Drink:   The Pendry’s Running a Little Late Gin cocktail.  It was almost too pretty to drink!


The Wharf, DC

One must-do activity for anyone who makes the trip?

Take a stroll down to the fresh seafood market.  They had a great selection and even though we weren’t buying, it was still fun to watch!  Our kids would have loved to see all of the different crabs and shellfish being tossed about. 
For an evening activity, check out the Camp Wharf S'mores Cart. This was closed during our visit but it's on the agenda for our next trip!



And of course, don't forget to bring along your Dreamsoft Travel Scarf to keep you looking cozy + chic on all of your adventures. You can get our model Lindsey's look HERE  

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