Our co-founders have spoken! They have revealed their favorite pieces they sure to bring into the Fall season. Jess + Benita are always putting our products to the test in their own lives, wearing, washing, and using them to help us learn how we can improve. With summer coming to a close and Fall travels beginning, they were excited to put our #1 favorite to the test: the Dreamsoft Travel Scarf. In our classic colors Gray Colorblock and Bronze Colorblock, they took on life with a cozy in hand. 


Why did the Dreamsoft Travel Scarf make it to the top of our list? We found it to be:

- Compact for travel & Lightweight for easy wear! We love the design that is easily taken on and off (never bulky!) and folded into a small carry on or tote. 

compact dreamsoft scarf
- Feels like a soft and cozy blanket, but still looks chic and stylish, matching almost any outfit! Our classic colors will always be a lovely addition to any travel, day out in the city, or lounge at home occasion. 
Scarf on Plane Travel
- Room for two (when with our little travel buddies!) Our oversized scarf not only does the trick for our own comfort, but even kept our little ones cozy with us! 


Rachel Kincart